UVC Disinfection Pack COVID-Killer

Comprehensive Sterilization for daily use of money, masks, underwear, phones, jewelry, toys, and accessories.

Stylish, Beautiful, safe and high efficiency.

99.99% Disinfection rate.

Very simple to use it anywhere for almost all the stuff to keep you and your family safe from all type of viruses and bacteria.


USB power supply, so easy to connect it from you phone charger, car, power bank, or your laptop.

Authoritative Certification 99.99% sterilization reports.

Super UV that’s kills all type of viruses and bacteria such as covid-19, SARS, H1N1, Escherichia Coli, Staphylococcus Aureus, and poliovirus.

Fully disinfection without any dead angle, odor remover, simply On-Off control, portable and containing, and cool stylish material.


Technical Specs and Certificates:

  1. Input Voltage: SV.
  2. Input Ampere: 700mA.
  3. UVC Power: 3W.
  4. UVC Wavelength: 185/254nm.
  5. Recommend Operating temperature : 0-40°c.
  6. 254nm radiation intensity: 3.0mw/cm2.
  7. Recommend time for disinfection: >15min/time.
  8. Product size: 24*13*12cm.
  9. Package size: 25.3xl4.5xl4.5cm/pcs.
  10. Cartoon Size: 54 x 42×31 cm.
  11. Quantity per cartoon: 20pcs/Carton.
  12. Color: Red, and Black.
  13. Certificate: CE, FCC, Rohs, Microbiological testing report.
  14. Surface material: 290T high-elastic high-density nylon composite material; Inner material: EVA aluminum film
  15. Operating temperature of lamp tube: 40-60°C

Additional information

Weight 11 kg
Dimensions 75 × 27 × 61 cm

1 Carton box (20 pieces).